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The future of science starts here.

Knowledgr is a community-run, blockchain-based protocol that rewards scientists for practicing healthy research behaviors.

Knowledgr empowers anyone hungry for scientific knowledge to share their questions, hypothesis and observations to advance science in a way that is open, inclusive and reproducible.




A new economy for scientific knowledge

Knowledgr facilitates the crowdsourced scientific method. A new economy designed to reward participants who publicly contribute scientific content with a blockchain token according to an openly published, community-approved social consensus algorithm.

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Knowledgr is based on nine principles

We stand for open access, open participation, and inclusiveness in science. We strive for a transparent, free-market science economy free of funding conflicts of interest. We are scientists, and above all, skeptics.

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Together we stand for a new kind of science.


Knowledgr is founded by a group of scientists determined to ignite change in the way we do, think, communicate, and live science.

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Launching 12.2018